Does the Badgesicle have a certain part of its anatomy that can only be described as rough? Let's put it this way: if Badgesicles sat on trees, the branches would be so smooth, birds would slip off.

Classic RequirementsEdit

Appear requirementsEdit

  • Have 2 nocturnal residents in the garden

Visit requirementsEdit

  • Garden has 4 nocturnal residents

Resident requirementsEdit

  • Has eaten 1 Newtgat
  • Has eaten 2 pumpkins

Romance requirementsEdit

  • Has eaten 1 Squazzil
  • Has eaten 2 tulip seeds
  • Have a Badgesicle house in your garden

Species variantsEdit

Species variants for the Badgesicle

Feeding it an apple changes its color to red.&nbsp

Feeding it a bluebell changes its color to blue.

Feeding it a jar of honey and a water lily changes its color to fuschia and yellow

Species conflictsEdit

  • A Badgesicle will start fights with a Syrupent, if one is nearby.

Other informationEdit

  • An in-game rumor from Leafos claims that when a Badgesicle swims in water, it will turn into a Sweetooth. (False)